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“Learning how to meditate and getting my personal mantra has really deepened my experience of meditation. Meditating daily while on retreat strengthened my resolve to stick with the practice and just keep doing it even when I wasn’t feeling it. My daily practice requires discipline and my willingness to keep at it and it has been both an emotional and enlightening process and I feel everyone should try it, if they get a chance.” - Duchess of Rutland, Emma Rutland, Leicestershire, UK - India & Bhutan Dharma Tour 2019

Due to Covid 19 we will be reviewing all dates of future tours to India & Bhutan.
Please bear with us at this challenging time.

We offer unique experiences for people who feel drawn to explore the transformative power of the Himalayan foothills, those who are curious to explore Ancient Vedic Wisdom. Dharma tours and retreats are ideal for those who are drawn to make significant changes in their lives by discovering their purpose and exploring their potential. Combining daily meditation and gentle yoga with inspiring treks to sacred hidden caves and valleys, we carefully guide you. Every detail of each tour and retreat brings you on a journey you will never forget. Awakening your courage & transcending travel so you flourish beyond healthy.

All you have to do is book your international travel, and we take care of everything else . . .


Awakening Courage | Transcending Travel | Flourishing Beyond Healthy


Postponed to 2021 


Sikkim, India
May 20 - June 2 2020

The greatest adventure of your life is when you gift yourself an inner journey. This adventure begins with an explosion of your senses on landing in Delhi. The next day, you will be flown to West Bengal and begin your upward ascent  to the sacred hidden valley of Beyul Demajong. Held in the embrace of a heritage farm, built by a family of ancestral lineage, the unfolding of your inner journey begins. Where this will bring you is totally unknown. Are you ready to engage in the mystery?

This is a wonderful opportunity to travel  to India. Arrive Delhi, 21st Oct for one night, and fly to Dharamshala on the 22nd.  Spending five nights at the vibrant, McLeod Ganj which is where India meets Tibet. This is also the residence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and home to a large Tibetan population. You will then travel south to stay four nights at Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery (DGL) located in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Traveling to the Himalayan Foothills of Bhutan and India is an unforgetable experience that will stay with you forever. Spending time in retreat and traveling to sacred ancient holy sites deeply transforms your body, mind and soul, as you are immersed and supported by the energy of the majestic mountains. Take this journey to the Kingdom of Happiness and explore the natural beauty that is synonymous with Bhutan and the N.E. State of India, Sikkim.

Robin from Phoenix shares her amazing experience with Dharma Tour

" Standing here near Tigers Nest in Bhutan, we hiked all the way up and it looked formidable, but the staff here at Dharma Tour made it really easy. We had a great time and I recommend you should join one of their adventures!"

Robin, Arizona, USA

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