What people are saying . . .
Duchess of Rutland, Bhutan India 2019

"Extraordinary! - very emotional, if you have legs to carry and you get the chance to do this, it should never be missed."- Emma Rutland, UK

Marie Blay, Bhutan India 2019

"The guides with dharma tours are wonderful,and the people I am here with are some of the most fantastic women I've ever met in my life! "- Marie Blay, USA

Theresa Vorkapic, India Bhutan 2018

"This was me stepping out of my comfort zone to come to India, but we have been so well taken care of, never once was I uneasy in the experiences we have had. I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank You!"

Theresa Vorkapic, Chicago, USA

Stephanie Bortko, India Bhutan 2018

"The experience has been mind-blowing and life changing. Everything has been so smooth, I've never felt so taken care of on a trip in every way, emotionally, physically, spiritually  and I am so grateful for the experience. Thank You Anne & Suzi."


Stephanie Bortko, Chicago, USA

Randi Berger, Bhutan India 2019

"Thank you so much for everything that dharma tour has done for me, Anne and Suzi are beyond wonderful this was one of the best days of my life, I cannot even express how wonderful it was, thank you, thank you, thank you."- Randi Berger, Arizona, USA

Drew Wehrle, India Bhutan 2018

"I'm here in the middle of an amazing Dharma Tour here in beautiful Bhutan and we have just come from India and spent 12 days with an amazing group of people on an epic, spiritual, quest to take in this amazing region."

Drew Wehrle, Chicago, USA

Roma Watkins, Bhutan India 2019

"This is just about the most incredible thing you can ever do and we have done it with dharma tour who have been fantastic"- Roma Watkins, Wales, UK

Debra Papst, India Bhutan 2018

" We were so well taken care of, we have the best guides in Bhutan, they are so kind and humble and I love them! Thank You."

Debra Papst, Arizona, USA