VERB -  transcending 
to rise above or go beyond the range or limits of activity, existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.

There are a small number of places which tend to get the vast majority of tourists. However, the best experiences we’ve had traveling were to places which hardly anyone ever visits. Here lies the possibility of spiritual transcendence in the modern world.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

– Robert Frost

Iyengar Class


You are a person that causes a change by making conscious evolutionary choices.

A gamechanger, a visionary, a trendsetter, an upsetter (figurative), or an innovator. Dharma Tour invites you on a profound exploration, a journey of introspection and healing, a homecoming, unearthing your deepest desires to create a foundation for your present and future based on love, compassion & deep wisdom.

You are your own CATALYST.



Sikkim, is a window onto the Himalaya, a sacred hidden jewel. A part of the Eastern Himalaya, Sikkim is notable as being a host to Kangchenjunga, the highest peak in India and third highest on Earth. The meditative, mural-filled traditional monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism coexist with Hindu shrines, with both creating some astonishing latter-day mega sculptures to adorn the skyline. Sikkim was once a remote mountain kingdom.

Here you will discover CLARITY.



Bhutan is no ordinary place. The Last Shangri La, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments. The amazing Himalayan landscape, where snow-capped peaks rise above shadowy gorges cloaked in primeval forests and home to the majestic fortress-like dzongs and monasteries, which contain a treasure house of Buddhist art.

Here you experience CONNECTION.


Recorded at Tigers Nest Monastery, Paro Bhutan Dec. 2018

" I'm on day 11 after an incredible journey from Sikkim India to amazing Bhutan. A place I have always wanted to visit, Suzi and Anne have been incredible as far as leading us . . ."

Drew - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I can't say enough great things about Suzi and Anne and the team at Dharma Tours who made this possible, a huge thanks to them and I hope to be on another adventure soon"

Drew - Chicago, Illinois, USA


Global Network

of Conscious Explorers

Conscious Travel is emerging in response to a small but highly influential, expanding market of people we’re calling Conscious Travellers,  who are inspired to go to less travelled locations, supporting indigenous communities and eco-tourism– one that is mindful and looking to expand consciously and spiritually. 


These travelers are making informed choices; they are redefining luxury and value; they seek meaning and purpose from their experiences; this is the community we are building, if you feel drawn to explore your dharma and deepen your experiences, sign up today for our newsletter and join our monthly webinar where we explore the consciousness revolution and lots of interesting topics with our community.

As we expand we are creating a Global Network of Conscious Explorers. Every month we stay connected across our social media platforms with live Facebook and Instagram Videos and regular: "Live at Five" podcast hosted on Zoom where we explore many topics, tools and techniques from the Ancient Traditions of the East and Modern Western scientific studies that back them up!

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